Understanding the Elliott Wave Theory in Hong Kong

Knowledgeable investors and traders often turn to technical analysis because it helps them identify trading opportunities within securities and other financial instruments. This approach’s essential and efficient tool is the Elliott wave theory developed by Ralph Nelson Elliott (1871-1948).

The Elliott wave theory is widely used in Hong Kong by investors and traders in the futures, options and equities markets. Many analysts believe that this tool can help predict the short-term direction of the market and its long-term trend. The Elliott wave theory is based on market psychology, which drives investor sentiment and, ultimately, price movements.

What is the Elliott Wave Theory?

Underpinning the Elliott wave theory, prices trend over time, forming many small waves in one direction followed by a correction against the trend. When applied sequentially, these corrective moves produce five waves, creating an “Elliott five-wave sequence”.

The overall cycle then consists of three such sequences following each other, resulting in a complete cycle of eight waves. This observation led Ralph Nelson Elliott to postulate that these waves followed a natural pattern and could be used to predict future price movements.

Key principles when using the Elliott Wave Theory

You need to remember some fundamental principles when using the Elliott wave theory.

1) Waves form and correct against the primary trend.

2) Wave 2 should never retrace more than 100% of Wave 13) Wave 4 should not break the trend of Wave 1.

4) Waves are configured in five wave sequences;

  • Three impulse waves in sequence, each separated by a corrective wave
  • Corrective waves form three different types: zigzag, flat and triangle.

5) The use of Fibonacci retracement levels can help identify points that could be either support or resistance levels.

Pros and Cons of using the Elliott Wave Theory

The SEHK made their debut on Bloomberg’s global screen in 1989; only 20% per cent of all securities transactions were taking place electronically. Two decades later, electronic trading now accounts for more than 95% of all transactions on the SEHK.

It can be an effective tool for market prediction for investors and traders using the Elliot wave theory. It is as part of their technical analysis. This includes helping to establish future price targets and suitable entry and exit points for trades. However, it is vital to keep in mind this approach has been subject to criticism from academics who argue that the theory is based more on psychological trends than market data analysis, making it challenging to apply in practice.

Famous for its ability to successfully predict market trends, the wave theory suggests that markets express themselves through a repetitive cycle of five waves followed by three corrective waves. As such, this cycle applies not only to stocks and stock indices but also to commodities and currencies alike.

There are, of course, sceptics of every investment concept, and the Elliott Wave Theory is no exception. Some market analysts who have been observing the Hong Kong market for years believe that the waves don’t exist here. They further claim that most moves in the Hang Seng can be better explained by basic supply and demand forces and that cycles can be found in any data series if looked at hard enough.


At the end of the day, whether or not you believe in the Elliott Wave Theory is up to you. What matters more is how you use it and if you’re willing to heed the warnings and take advantage of this theory’s opportunities.

Investors who are new to the Elliot wave theory, it helps to experiment with this approach using a demo account before trading with real money. This allows you to understand all the intricacies involved without endangering your capital. Following this advice will help you avoid the many pitfalls of this tool and successfully integrate it into your technical analysis. Contact a reputable online broker from Saxo Bank and start your investment journey if you want to start trading stocks using the Elliot Wave Theory.

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Venture Tips – An Example Investment Plan

Similarly as with any speculation that you may make in your life, you ought to never go in without an arrangement. Not having a thought of what you need to accomplish and how you will arrive is a sizable amount of justification behind a speculation to come up short, so you should be constant and committed to get results.

Considering that, we have investigated a few hints that you ought to follow while making a growth strategy, to guarantee that you can stay away from the issues that different financial backers wind up confronting.

Know Where The Exit Is

Before you make any buy, you ought to consistently have a procedure for an exit, should you need one. One of the keys to wise venture is to take advantage of the fun occasions and afterward continuing on before things begin to go downhill, so consistently know about the singular issues that any property you put resources into might confront, how you will jump those specific obstacles and how you should deal with give yourself an exit plan if the speculation should wind up going bad.

Look for Advice

In case you are new to the venture game, probably the greatest misstep you can take is to simply leap directly in and expect that you know all that you need to realize first thing. Continuously look to acquire however much counsel as you can for as minimal expenditure as could be expected. Address your bank concerning how to appropriately deal with your ventures and join any neighborhood speculation clubs that may be accessible to look into what others are doing, what is working and, similarly as significantly, what isn’t.

Know Your Interests

Contributing is as much a demonstration of energy and commitment as it is one to bring in cash, which implies that on the off chance that you put resources into something that you couldn’t care less with regards to you will make it considerably more hard to help through with the venture and capitalize on it. Continuously pick projects that you are energetic about and need to see all the way to the finish. As far as property, this implies putting resources into sorts of property that you like, be it projects or occasion homes. Go with what you like, as that implies you have a superior thought of speaking to individuals with a comparable outlook.

Plan Five Years Ahead

At the point when you check out a property you need to know precisely where you will be going through your cash and what you are meaning to accomplish when you do. Thusly, you ought to make a five or long term plan for each property you are keen on before you contribute. What amount is it will take to accomplish the outcomes you need and what amount would you say you are probably going to get back once you do? Take the sort of property, its area and the expense of the upgrades you need to make into account prior to buying. A long term plan additionally assists you with fanning out your spending plan so you know when you can spend and when you should keep down.

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The most effective method to Create an Investment Plan

Figuring out how to make a money growth strategy is quite possibly the main thing that you should would on the off chance that you like to turn out to be monetarily free. Eventually contributing is only the manifestation of an arrangement to get you starting with one spot then onto the next, this is the reason speculations are frequently called venture vehicles. Without an arrangement you increment your danger of losing cash and diminishing your danger of bringing in cash, so a strong growth strategy is fundamental to monetarily achievement.

Where Do You Want To Be

The initial two things you need to do to make your money growth strategy is to work out where you are currently monetarily and where you need to be monetarily and in what time span.

A many individuals have the monetary objective of having $1,000,000 in their financial balance. In any case, they find that when they arrive at their objective they have $1,000,000 however they don’t have the foggiest idea how to manage it and they can’t be monetarily free.

For a many individuals the final location is to be monetarily free. Independence from the rat race is the capacity to cover all your cost without being needed to work. To do this you need to have resources that produce you pay consistently. I accept that regardless you monetary circumstance is you can turn out to be monetarily free in only 5 years.

Being monetarily free means your easy revenue (pay you don’t need to work for) is more noteworthy than every one of your costs. So if your costs are $2,000 each month your easy revenue should be $2,000 each period of additional with the end goal for you to be monetarily free. In the event that you are right now acquiring $0 each month in easy revenue, you have $2,000 each month to go to be monetarily free.

For your money growth strategy to have any believability you need to know where you are at monetarily now and where you need to be in a specific measure of time. When you know these two things you can start to form an arrangement to get you from where you are currently to where you need to be.

Picking Your Investment Vehicle

The following stage is picking your speculation vehicle. Picking your venture vehicle is a significant choice. In the event that you like putting resources into land, you should pick land, on the off chance that you disdain land and need to put resources into stocks there is no good reason for picking land as your principle speculation vehicle.

Get Educated

The following stage, and perhaps the main step is to get taught. Individuals say contributing is unsafe, however contributing isn’t hazardous, individuals are dangerous. Assuming you are monetarily uninformed, contributing will be more similar to betting. In any case, on the off chance that you are taught in your picked venture field, you can build your profit from speculation and decline your dangers. The more taught you are the more probable you are to contact you venture objective sooner.

What Do You Need?

So you have effectively worked out that you need a specific measure of cash each month to be monetarily free (say $2,000) and you need to accomplish this is 5 years. Presently what do you have to arrive? Suppose you have picked land as your speculation vehicle. On the off chance that I can procure $100 each month from each rental land property I purchase then I will require around 20 properties to arrive at my objective of $2,000 each month. I have 5 years to do this so I need to purchase a normal of 4 properties each year to accomplish this. Since you know explicitly what you need you are better situated to go out and become fruitful monetarily.

A great many people battle monetarily in light of the fact that they don’t have a clue where they are at present at monetarily, they don’t have the foggiest idea where they need to go, they haven’t picked a venture vehicle and gotten instructed and they haven’t worked out explicitly what they need to accomplish their objectives. In view of this individuals will in general buoy around in the speculation world continually searching for the following ‘Hot Tip’ that will assist them with making easy money.

Assuming you have an arrangement, the most recent hot tip from your taxi driver will not make any difference, since you have an objective and a method of arriving. So assuming you need to be a triumph monetarily then it is significant that you figure out how to make a growth strategy.

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